March: A Month of Introspection and Renewal

Neptune, in its own sign of Pisces, is our companion throughout the days of March. As we entered March, the Sun itself was conjunct Neptune in Pisces, like a prelude to this month of introspection. Mercury was in Pisces and our brains were thus in a slightly fuzzy state. It was difficult to focus, and as Mercury was slowing for its upcoming retrograde, we were given thoughts and memories to prod us into questing mode. Why that thought? Why that memory? Are they related? Is there something for me to learn here?

From March 3-8, Mercury was in the final degree of Pisces. There could have been a simultaneous sense of urgency, yet a problem making a decision to act. The 29th degree is also called an anaretic degree, a critical, yet somewhat debilitating position. The meaning of anaretic is “destroyer.” It is called that because, as Frank Clifford says, “it is poised for change.” It is about to leave what is known for what is unknown, the next sign. Particularly, if you have any planets at or near that degree, natally or by progression, it was an important few days.

March 5 began a series of important transitions. Mercury stationed retrograde at 10:19 AM PST on March 5, and will be retrograde until March 28. On March 6, at 12:27 AM PST, Uranus made its transition into Taurus, where it will remain until 2026! Also on March 6, we had a potent New Moon in Pisces at 8:03 AM PST, strongly conjunct Neptune, within 1/3 of a degree.

The Mercury retrograde period will not be a typical one. This one will have its usually effects on communication, transportation, and the need to review. However, the fact that it is in Pisces, the sign in which it is most uncomfortable, for the entire retrograde period, makes it different. It conjuncts Neptune, the Pisces ruler, for a good share of the period, as well as another chunk of time while it is in its shadow. The emphasis on Pisces/Neptune speaks strongly of this retrograde having some unique qualities. Don’t be surprised if you are particularly day-dreamy, or sentimental, or emotional, when alone or connecting with others. Your speech can become quite metaphoric or poetic, or you may feel that you can’t find any words at all to explain yourself. You may be easily deceived. You may hear from, or run into people from your past when you least expect it. It is a  period to allow old memories and unresolved issues to emerge, while practicing forgiveness of yourself and others. Practice or appreciate art and music. Indulge in the calming and magical. Let yourself review, recharge, renew.

The movement of Uranus into Taurus is no small shift, given Uranus is one of the slow moving outer planets, particularly relevant in the dramatically changing times we are living in. The Uranus/Pluto square, which began in 2011, is still somewhat active but now in a wide orb. The energy of it, however, we are feeling significantly.  What that square demands is just what we are needing to do individually and collectively: shed old structures and beliefs that are no longer relevant, while welcoming innovative new ideas and ways of being into our lives.

Uranus, moving from Mars-ruled Aries into Venus-ruled Taurus, is quite a different energy feel. Aries is fiery, demands action, has an assertive quality, is daring and courageous. Thus Uranus, the planet of rebellion, disruption of the status quo, and visionary change, was quite comfortable there. Taurus, however, is an earth sign, slower moving and more deliberate. It is fond of tradition and resistant to change. It seeks security and is associated with all things related to money, such as budgets, banks, financial exchanges and systems, stocks, and quite importantly, how big money influences such things as elections and public policy. And we all know how much those issues need innovative change to bring more fairness and justice to the world. Despite Taurus’s resistance to change, Uranus could bring about some of what we need in these next few years, particularly as Pluto, planet of power and transformation, will be conjunct Saturn in Capricorn, the earth sign of rules and government. And it is important to remember that Pluto does not really leave it up to our choice, “if” transformative change happens. It will happen, and we either agree and flow, or resist and suffer.

Taurus also loves “stuff,” possessions, art objects, delicious food—and beauty, as well as Nature and what grows from the earth. So we needn’t be surprised if our relationship with all of that takes a powerful turn, and considering the current state of the environment and climate change, let us hope it is a turn in a positive direction!  Can we unleash our imaginations, envision a planet in which we’ve stopped global warming by creating a zero-carbon world, getting our electricity mainly from the sun and the wind?

Consistent with our Piscean theme this month, the New Moon on March 6, at 15 degrees 47 minutes Pisces, was conjunct Neptune! We were able to tune in to our connection to, and compassion for, all earthly, as well as spiritual, beings. I love the Sabian Symbol for that New Moon degree: “In a quiet moment, a creative individual experiences the flow of inspiration.” In some ways, this told us all we needed to know—and do. Allow the quiet moment, allow the inspiration to flow, because we are all creative beings. Yes, these times we are living in are very demanding of us. Change is coming at us at a speed we’ve never experienced before. But that is all the more reason to allow “the flow of inspiration” throughout this entire Moon cycle.

Mars in Taurus was sextile the New Moon. Meanwhile, Mercury, as we know, was retrograde in the final degree of Pisces, and conjunct Chiron. These aspects brought support for us in acceptance of the past while encouraging us to move forward, less burdened by individual and collective wounding.

On March 14, at 6:43 PM PDT, the Sun and retrograde Mercury were exactly conjunct. This is called cazimi, when a planet is conjunct the Sun, or touching “the heart of the Sun.” It was the perfect time for experiencing that “flow of inspiration,” a shift in perspective that helps us to accept that we are here, now, in these dynamic times, that we are here to shift, forgive, release. We’re not yet ready to fully understand all that is happening, but we can accept, and flow, with it. On March 15, Mercury retrograde is exactly square Jupiter in Sagittarius, another step to enable more hope for the future. It is important not to be overly optimistic, however, or overlook the accompanying difficulties, since the intensity of the Pisces/Neptune influence can move us toward illusion.

An important T-square is in effect this entire month. Pluto is conjunct the south node of the moon in Capricorn and opposed the north node of the moon in Cancer. Square all of them is Eris in Aries. This exemplifies the strength of the feminine in these difficult times, and how this strength can move us forward from the old and worn oppression of the feminine as status quo of the Capricorn south node, and toward a more balanced respect for the feminine in Cancer. We can see that feminine strength in some of our recently elected representatives in the House of Representatives, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, representative from New York, who has been assertively advocating for the working class and the Green New Deal and taking very forward action in committee hearings, while also having to deal with extreme criticism from conservative representatives and media. We have also seen Rep Ilhan Omar, speaking out against the dreadful action of the Israeli government and military toward Palestinians, and being falsely accused of anti-semitism. Another example is the young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, speaking out fearlessly on climate change, who now has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Sun enters Aries for the Spring Equinox, in the Northern Hemisphere, at 2:59 PM PDT on March 20. Less than four hours later, the Full Moon in Libra arrives at 6:42 PM PDT, barely into the sign, at 0 degrees 9 minutes. The closest aspect to this Full Moon is a quincunx to Uranus, still at 0 degrees Taurus. The other close aspect is the Sun conjunct Chiron, thus the Full Moon opposing Chiron. Because a Full Moon in Libra wants peace and harmony, these aspects could shake that up a bit, despite Uranus being in a Venus-ruled sign. Uranus could spark expressions of outrage or revelatory truths, but if we think of them as things that need releasing, we can stay grounded.

It is interesting that at this Full Moon, Venus is 23 degrees Aquarius and exactly square Mars at 23 degrees Taurus. Jupiter is 23 degrees Sagittarius, and sextile Venus, quincunx Mars, and trine Eris at 23 degrees Aries. Saturn in Capricorn is within 3 degrees of Pluto in Capricorn, and Mercury retrograde is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. All of these aspects give us a strong vibration of stasis, but stasis in preparation for a period of unbalance. So if you feel a bit shaky, it’s because things are shaky, due to the intense change of which we are in the midst. Most of these aspects remain in orb through the end of the month.

Venus enters Pisces at 12:44 PM PDT on March 26, joining Mercury retrograde and Neptune that are conjunct in PIsces. Venus in Pisces can be especially healing and forgiving, compassionate toward others, very sensitive. But we need also remain aware and conscious, and not let ourselves drift toward intense sadness unnecessarily, but try to stay grounded in the here and now with our feelings.

Mercury stations direct at 6:59 AM PDT on March 28, but will remain in its shadow until mid-April. That means it will still be in Pisces, still encouraging us to release and renew ourselves, and feel connected to others, but not feel quite so confused or battered by things outside of our control.

The final planetary transition of the month arrives at 11:13 PM PDT March 30, when Mars moves into Gemini. See if this transit is in hard aspect to your own Mars or Mercury or other planets, for it could stimulate you into rather aggressive communications and confuse those with whom you may be in conversation or negotiations. Be sure to stay alert and maximize the skillfulness of your mind.



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