May: Reevaluating Priorities and Values

The T-square to Neptune, with the opposition between Mars and Jupiter, is still strongly in effect as we move into the month of May. The Sun is 10 degrees into Taurus, thus mildly conjunct Uranus at 3 degrees. The foremost aspect and the one which sets the tone of the month and the season, however, is the conjunction in Capricorn of Saturn, Pluto, and the south node of the Moon. And the trio are square Eris. We talked it about last month, and we must talk about it this month, as it so strongly affects the energy of these times.

Both Pluto and Saturn stationed retrograde in late April, so they are moving more slowly than usual, and thus are even more influential. When Saturn and Pluto are exactly conjunct in Capricorn in early 2020, it will be over 500 years since that happened previously, so this is not a once-in-a-lifetime thing, it’s a once in many many lifetimes thing.

Capricorn is the earth sign of structure, establishment, rules of governance, the military, financial systems, and all of those basics that are “supposed” to bring stability. Saturn rules the sign, and therefore is associated with all of those same issues, but it also associated with fear, fear of insecurity, fear of not being enough, fear of not doing it right. However, Saturn also gives us strength, strength to go the full journey, even when we are afraid.

And Pluto? Pluto is death, power, transformation and renewal, but over time, slowly, in a process. When Pluto is in Capricorn, we must undergo a powerful transformation of structural fixtures. Pluto is not personal. The energy is far beyond personal, or something we feel day to day, and it doesn’t really care if you like it, or like what it is doing, but also, it will not, ultimately, be resisted. Pluto will do what Pluto does, and it’s just better for all to cooperate with the changes that will be made. Pluto has been in Capricorn now since late 2008, when the last big financial collapse occurred (and Saturn was involved via a square to Pluto). But unfortunately, the U.S. didn’t really make the structural changes required of the system at that time. We are now experiencing the worst economic inequality ever seen in this country, and we may be once more on the brink of an even more dire financial occurrence before Pluto leaves the sign in 2024-2025.

In recent decades we have seen the rise in power of multinational corporations, in their capacity to rule and govern, at one time behind the scenes, but now, quite openly and brazenly (think Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Banks, NRA, AIPAC, arms dealers), as well as the rise of military power (thank you, President Eisenhower, for warning us of the military-industrial complex, though we did not heed your warning). As Jimmy Carter told President Trump last month, “In our 242 year history, we have had only 16 years of peace… we are the most warlike nation in the history of the world”— unfortunately. And now, our entire constitution is being ignored, side-swiped, and thrown under the bus. Elections are skewed, and millions of people denied the right to vote.

Can we know how this will all turn out? No, but the tasks seem quite clear. We need to make serious, deep alterations in our values, and to the structural systems that reflect those values. The concept of values is where the south node of the Moon comes into play. What are our real values? Do we want this nation to be one of cruelty, inequality, and bigotry? Or can we shift those values toward the north node of the Moon, toward Cancer’s positive qualities of kindness, caring, nurturing and nourishing, with safety and security for all?

Eris, the relatively newly discovered planet that is squaring the trio in Capricorn, is in Aries, providing fire, and not a small amount of fury, to this earthy combo. The Eris energy is reflected in the fierce energy of women standing up for their rights and speaking truth to power. It has been thrilling to see that groups of indigenous women are holding strong on every continent, working to save forests, rivers, all of Mother Earth. Here in the U.S., it is the women in Congress, many women of color, that are pressing hardest for a Green New Deal. They’re being mocked and threatened, but are not backing down. Change is coming, and they are demanding it. They are a reflection of Pluto and Eris working together. Squares can be a symbol of crisis, and these two planets are speaking that loud and clear. If only some of the crucial minds could open enough to hear!

A New Moon in Taurus arrived at 3:45 PM PST on May 4. The duo made a sextile to Neptune, and a wide trine to Saturn with the south node of the Moon. Mars and retrograde Jupiter were opposed and those two formed a T-square to Neptune. The Eris/Pluto square was nearly exact. This New Moon in Taurus re-emphasized the concept of values, but asked us to really use this Moon cycle to dig deep into our psyche and honestly face, and own, what our real values are. There is a great deal to distract us, but the Taurus energy allow us to take a step by step approach to our task.  

Mercury changes signs for the first of two times this month, moving from Aries into Taurus, at 11:26 AM PDT on May 6. Taurus is practical, an earth sign, certainly known for creativity, but also—what works. It’s important for Mercury in Taurus to focus on tangible results, and not get side-tracked. The House of Representatives and its various committees have been doing just that around the Mueller report, attempting not to be distracted by bullying and refusals. The shadow side of Taurus is its rigidity, and we’ve seen the current administration dig in its heels, and quite rigidly refuse to give an inch to what is being lawfully demanded of them by Congress. Will that rigidity get them what they want? We’ll see.

On May 15, Venus moves into her own sign of Taurus at 2:45 AM PDT, and cozies up to Uranus, forming a conjunction lasting a week. It will be exact on May 18. Since Taurus is a Venus-ruled earth sign, we may see sudden changes in financial or relationship status, but it is also important to notice sudden intuitive hits. Perhaps you come up with an idea that could stimulate your individual creativity, foster better working relationships, or inspire you to more highly value yourself.

Also on May 15, Mars shifts out of Gemini and into Cancer at 8:10 PM PDT. Mars in Cancer is not Mars’ happy place, but nevertheless will be there through the month of June. What complicates this placement is that Mars will also be out of bounds for much of the time. A planet is considered to be out of bounds when its declination exceeds 23:27 degrees from the celestial equator. I won’t go into that in detail here, but just know that when out of bounds, the planet’s energy can go beyond the usual or established behavior. Thus Mars out of bounds could mean not merely assertive, but bullying. Mars, normally, would prefer to take immediate action, charge ahead, and not be so concerned with Cancerian issues like sensitivity, emotional security, or taking care.

For the remainder of May, Mars will also be square Chiron, the wounded healer. Could that stir up old family wounds and hurt feelings? It could. It could also inspire thoughts about healing. None of us are the same people we were in our childhood. We all have had our struggles, and those struggles were for a purpose. If we can take inspiration from how we have grown, how we’ve become better people through overcoming difficult times and situations, perhaps the Mars/Chiron square can give us a nudge to do more of that work. We might work on our own wounds, or help out a friend or family member going through a hard time.

While in Cancer, it’s possible Mars could tone things down a bit, take a look at projects which would benefit the family or the home, and take some action there. However, being out of bounds, that energy could also have us easily straining relationships, or just walking away from them altogether. Let’s all try to do our best!

The Full Moon in Scorpio arrives at 2:10 PM PDT on May 18, with the Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus and trine retrograde Pluto, retrograde Saturn, and the south node of the Moon. The Moon is thus sextile the trio in Capricorn. Venus and Uranus are conjunct in Taurus. That’s four planets in fixed Taurus, and the Moon in fixed sign Scorpio. Stubborn, yes, but Taurus is also willing to plow through things step by step, and Scorpio is willing to go into deep emotional territory.  So let that Full Moon help smooth your way through this Moon cycle of evaluation, and prioritizing. If belly laughter helps, do it. If some crying time helps, do that!

The Sun transitions into Gemini at 1:00 AM PDT on May 21, and Mercury follows the Sun shortly after at 3:52 AM PDT on May 21, exactly conjuncting the Sun. Well, that could be quite a jolt, from fixed earthy Taurus to mutable airy Gemini! But many of us won’t even notice. We may just talk more!

May 21, 22 and the early hours of 23, the Moon will move through Capricorn, giving us all a bit of an emotional push with the task of determining our values, and what of the status quo we may be ready to leave behind. On May 23, Venus in Taurus will move out of its conjunction with Uranus, but the Venus concern with what we value, both in substance and belief, will stay with us through the end of the month.

As Jupiter in Sagittarius moves slowly back, in retrograde motion, its square with Neptune in Pisces steps into higher gear. It won’t be exact until June, but we get reminded of its power and importance in the last week of the month. With so much craziness happening in the world around us, we may find it difficult to separate the real from the unreal. Jupiter wants us to “keep the faith,” but sometimes Neptune says “well, let’s just open up to whatever grabs our attention” and we could be off to the never never land of delusion and/or over-indulgence.

Both Jupiter and Neptune are in mutable signs and signs they rule, thus being very strong. It’s important to be adaptable, and willing to change, but also important to be a bit skeptical and cautious, and not bite off more than we can chew. We want to be able to expand our belief systems, while also being able to shed false beliefs. We want to bring ourselves into alignment with our highest ideals, and yet keep our eyes wide open and our boundaries in place. On May 27, the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, and we could become especially sensitive to all that to which we are being attuned. Ask questions, do some journaling, and be open to what is unfolding.

From May 28-31, Venus in Gemini will form a T-square with Jupiter and Neptune, opposing Jupiter and squaring Neptune. This could become a great aid to the Jupiter/Neptune work by  helping to open oneself to new ideas, or it could become a hindrance by urging us to gather more and more unnecessary information, that is not helpful, but confusing. Keep your feet on the ground and don’t be afraid to discuss your ideas with people you trust.

See you next month!


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