I am an experienced astrologer in Oakland, near Berkeley and The San Francisco Bay Area of California. Symbols have always intrigued me; I love finding the deeper meaning of things. This led me to follow the astrological path. I started my astrological journey in 1970; along the way, I also studied and worked in the education and public health fields. For those interested in learning about the cosmic perspective, my services include both natal and transit readings for individuals, as well as relationships. 

Astrology is not literal… you have to look beneath the surface.

A basic understanding of who you are (with respect to the planetary formations at the time of your birth) gives you a sense of confidence, helping you remain true to yourself. We live during a complicated time of history, a time of great change. It is unproductive to give in to fear. Being informed, prepared, and supported is crucial during this period.

My approach to astrology is an evolutionary one, casting light on the burning questions we all have deep within us: “Why am I here? What am I to accomplish in this life?” We all have a deep purpose. Our being here is not random. Astrology helps us reveal the purpose about which we all wonder.