Born in 1947, and aging in attunement with Nature, I am no longer bleeding in lunar cycles. My second Saturn return has come and gone. There are no older generations of my family still living. These powerful rites of passage have instructed me in the great cycles of life, yet I continue looking to Hecate for inspiration.

Hecate was the Holy Crone of Greece, the Guardian of the Crossroads. Wherever three paths met, she waited, and to those who invoked her guidance, she bestowed her wisdom. Her wisdom was not giving answers so much as asking deeper questions, suggesting ways to identify and approach our fears, the unknown, grief, change, what we cannot control.

Myth has it that Hecate spent much time in solitude. She carried a luminous quality that marked her as a Moon goddess, yet she was equally at home on the earth, and in the dark, walking the roads at night. She was often accompanied on her travels by an owl, a symbol of wisdom, and like the owl, Hecate had the quality of farsightedness.

The quality of farsightedness, combined with her capacity to see importance in that which most people discount, gave her powers in assisting people to choose the right direction when at the Crossroads of Change.

With “Be Planet Wise” I too aspire to impart wisdom, particularly planetary, astrological wisdom in this era of massive shifts in the earth, the collective, and evolving consciousness.